Workplace Solutions

Implementation Portal

Principle's Brand Implementation Portal helps you to manage your brand assets and programme.

Here's how it works:

  • Easy access via the internet from any computer or tablet anywhere in the world.
  • Highly secure data management.
  • User-friendly - highly intuitive and designed so the user needs only minimal training.
  • All inclusive - providing information globally, country and individual site level.
  • Easy reporting - including export functions to Microsoft Excel.
  • Asset tracking - provide clients with the ability to track their brand assets:

- Exterior branding
- Interior furniture and display equipment
- Technology deployed and in use.
- Tracks training of people.

  • Tracks costs and provides forecasts for future demands and planning.
  • Portal can house all project documents, from initial surveys, designs, engineering documents, through to photographic completion records.
  • Time management - provide an efficient online resource to reduce the amount of time spent on management and support of a project.
  • Peace of mind - all data is real-time live information available 24/7. 
  • Transparency - reports the real data instantly.
  • Provides alignment of a project process from marketing, property, IT and training.
  • Proven to work - the Portal is being used by major brands such as BMW, Chrysler, Bridgestone and HSBC to manage their brand implementation projects.
  • Flexible - the portal can be customised to suit the needs of a brand.


To go to the Brand Implementation Portal click here.